How much is a Cultural Name?

It mostly fits within 100 dollars with a certificate, but it can be cheaper or more expensive depending upon your desires, needs, and options. Please feel free to send us a message and tell us your situation. We can suggest a plan that suits you best.

Can I cancel my order?

You may not be able to cancel your order after you make a payment. Sending us Messages is free but be careful when you make a payment. It is a sign of your agreement on our terms of service. We love all names that we give birth to and we really want you to love and take care of your new name. Therefore, please say it before you pay if you don’t want it.

What should I do if I don’t like an issued name?

After we create your Cultural Name, we tell it to you to confirm that you like it. At this point, you can reorder and we try our best again to find another one for you. You cannot reorder more than once. You would also not be able to issue a certificate for the first one if you made a reorder. Your certificate is automatically issued for the second one, reordered name. If you still want another one, it is possible for you to order a Cultural Name again and there would be a discount for it because we already know about you well and there is no more need to take time to consult with you.

Should I order options when I order names?

You don’t have to order options at the same time. You can order options later at any time you like. Just tell us your name, the date it’s issued, and which option(s) you want. Since it can take time to create options such as Hanko and Calligraphy and send them by mail, please let us know as soon as you come to want options.

Can I order two or more names at the same time?

Yes, you can. You may, for example, want Japanese Cultural Names like both anime characters and Japanese historical heroes. Certificate is issued for each name. You can order options for each name and there would be a discount if you order all at once.

I sent an order or messages on but I don’t receive a reply.

Our domain is but our email address is culturalname[at] so please add this email address to your safe sender list because our messages might be going into your spam box. We are using Gmail because it is the most reliable, stable, and secured mail client and it must be the best way to send our messages to your inbox and keep messages forever.

If you have a question which is not on the list above, feel free to ask us by sending messages (^0^)/