You already have one but you don't know it yet

Your True Japanese Name

Name we choose for you is called “Cultural Name” and it’s completely different from your real name or nicknames. You may sometimes name yourself but it is hard to reach your real Japanese name without deep understanding of its history, culture, tradition, trends and today. It is the name that fits you best depending on a culture you desire. For example, we look at a name that you would be owning if you were born in a culture of Japan. It is found by native professionals and we officially issue a name and its certificate for you.

Certification of Your Name

We’re proud of our mission to discover your name and bring it to life as a symbol to represent you in a culture of Japan. Having an name of the culture means you have a place to be there. We are not only proud of giving you a place to be in Japanese culture but also saving your place with our responsibility. That’s why we offer you certification. Your name is issued by a native expert organization. We’re serious about it. Nationality doesn’t matter. Welcome to cultures of Japan!

Identification of Your Name

Instead of signature, we have an important item in Japan. It is called HANKO, traditional seals made of woods, stones, horns, or other materials. By stamping your name with this, you prove yourself to be who you are. It is as significant as your name as an embodiment of yourself. No two hankos are exactly alike. Just tell us what kind of hankos do you want. Fonts, materials, and sizes are all different. Customize and make your original hanko only one in the world!

SHOKA, the authorized professional calligrapher, turns your name into an art. We even do that.